Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Grandpa & Grandma Visit Ebenezer Forest Farm!~

Hello! Here is another update from the ~Strang Sisters~! For the second visit Grandpa and Grandma came for a day on our farm and then we took them out to Calamity Jane's for dinner with live music provided by yours truly... The Strang Siblings of course! :)

Enjoy the pictures! :)

Shiloh: Bethany showing Grandma the goats...

Shiloh: Judah and I were able to take a quick trip down to the mail box before his nap time!

Shiloh: Bethany and Grandma again. This time visiting the chickens.

Shiloh: Bethany talking to Grandma... :)

Shiloh: Jordan and Grandpa checking out the chickens.

Shiloh: Our rooster Captain John Smith...

Shiloh: And were off to take a walk around the trail!

Shiloh: We had a parade of baby chicks following us--until they gave up...

Shiloh: Pausing to talk about something...

Shiloh: Art! Or in other words: my shadow! :)

Shiloh: De-De's two lovely french braids! Isn't she cute?

Shiloh: Grandma was telling us all a funny story about long ago. :)

Shiloh: Can you see the boys way up there?

Shiloh: At the end of the trail: Grandpa.

Shiloh: We visited the turkeys. Haven't they grown?

Shiloh: Later on the way to Calamity Jane's we took "sun glass pictures" of all the siblings in the car! :)






Shiloh: There's Grandpa and Grandma following us. :)

Shiloh: We're Here!

Shiloh: Once inside Grandma and Jordan look over the menus...


Shiloh: Here is a poster Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch... In our family's history one of Butch Cassidy's killed one of the Murphy brothers... our great uncle!

Shiloh: The Texas Red Burger with chicken and a whole wheat bun! Who could ask for more?

Shiloh: Here's the "Inflation Burger"... We all wanted Grandpa to get that one. It cost $100 and came as absolutely nothing!

Shiloh: Obvious inflation going on here... :)

Shiloh: Here is a picture of Judah and I. Judah was so cute! He kept seeing sightings of Cowboy Joe...

Shiloh: Ahh! Judah Philip!

Shiloh: What a big boy!

Grandma listening to Calamity Jane's live music or in other words... Jordan playing the piano...

Shiloh: The resturant has a piano and invites any musicians to play so since we all play--we provided the evenings music!

Shiloh: It's always neat to see the younger children watch Jordan play...

Shiloh: Bethany was up next... She played a lovely hymn.

Shiloh: I'm at the piano now playing one of my favorite pieces from Bach...

Shiloh: De-De is up now!

Shiloh: The sunset...

Shiloh: Grandma and Grandma under the sign...

Shiloh: I love the burger right by the tree in the sky!

Shiloh: Preparing to leave...

Shiloh: Can anyone guess what our darling De-De is up to in this picture?

Shiloh: here we all are still talking. I really liked how I was able to take this picture and be in it! :)

Grandfather - Grandson

Bye-bye Grandma and Grandpa!

Shiloh: Judah says his goodbyes...

Eden: Shiloh played her peice VERY good!

Shiloh: Here's more of Judah Philip my adorable brother!

Shiloh: And another picture of him...

Shiloh: Father and Sons

Shiloh: Boy with his Daddy:)

Shiloh: Here we will end with a picture of the lovely sunset. Thank the Lord for His beautiful creation!

Here is a movie clip of the music we played at CJ. Unfourtently, we didn't get Bethany and De-De filmed. but we are thankful we got this much filmed!

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Green Gardening Girl said...

Beautiful Photos guys! Judah is a precious boy! His smile is so cute!!!
He is such a blessing!