Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christian Families at the Crossroads 09

In July my father and I went to Columbus Ohio for the "Crossroads 09" conference. Here are the pictures you have all been waiting for...

Upper left: Mr. & Mrs. Botkin,

Upper right and middle: Mr. Botkin, Elizabeth, & Anna Sophia

Bottom left: David

Bottom right: Mrs. Botkin speaking on homeschooling

Top: L to R, Ben, Elizabeth, Anna Sophia, Isaac, David, and Mr. Botkin,
Bottom: The conference room.

Top: Mr. Botkin speaking on Semper Refermanda (Always Reforming). Definitely one of my favorites!

Bottom: Elizabeth portraying Ann Boleyn

Top: The Botkin family,

Bottom: Mr. Botkin

Left: Me!

Top right: Ben.

Bottom right: The conference hall

This conference was probably the best one I have ever attended. The Botkin family spoke from the perspective of a family. I was especially encouraged by Ben Botkin and after the conference I went onto his blog and heard some of his music. I decide that if he could write music like that, so could I. Back in Oregon, I started a piano trio. I would put a recording on here but we don't have a cellist. Do I see any hands? Anyway, I want to end by saying that it was very encouraging to be there and to see the work that this family is doing for the future generation of Christians and for the glory of God.


Kaggy said...

Thanks for the wonderful post Jordan! Great job! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing about your experience! I'm glad you were encouraged by the conference! I would love to hear the music you are going to compose! Yo ba sho! Love, Auntie Kaggy

Strang Family said...

Then come and see us soon, Auntie Kaggy! Yo ba sho!