Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shiloh's 18th Birthday Party

Just this past Saturday we celebrated Shiloh's 18th Birthday! We had such a wonderful time. Of course we did A LOT of work. We cleaned out the entire garage! And then we decorated. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


"Working" on decorating the garage.

The Birthday poster that we had everyone sign.

The entry way into the garage.

The pillars decorated with crepe paper and ribbon.

The ceiling.

Chairs that we rented for the party.

Eden... well, it looks like she's playing with a balloon, not working!

The guests arrive!

Jackson talking with Daddy while he makes hamburger patties.People meeting each other.

Karina and Shiloh talking together.

The babies playing on the deck.

More and more people are coming!

Joy having a wonderful time.

Melody and Victoria. They are SO cute!

Mrs. Smythe and Mommy admiring the garden.

Jamie Lyn, Tabitha, and Brie Ella. (I'm in this picture too! You just can't see me!)

Evan, Mr. Smythe, and Mr. Durmaz all talking together.

Time to eat! Thank you Daddy for the delicious hamburgers!
Hamburger anyone?

Jackson enjoying his meal.
Judah the cute boy munches away!
After the meal we had our worship time.
Here Jordan and I on piano and violin.
Now comes the game! It's time to play "Capture The Flag"! These are some pictures that I snapped while we were choosing teams.
Here's one team.
And to whom are these players all looking at?
The other team.
This is Mikell. It was the first time we were able to meet her in person! We only knew her through the "blog world". It was fun getting to know you Mikell!
Last minuet conversations before leaving.

And now leaving... :-(

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Thank you all who came!

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Strang Family said...

Thank you Bethany! :)


Gwennie said...

Looks like it was a great party. Sorry I had to miss it!!

Happy Birthday, Shiloh! God bless you!!


Strang Family said...

Ahhh! Gwennie we missed you! :)

Karissa said...

Happy belated Birthday, Shiloh! I hope that your birthday was enjoyable. :)

Strang Family said...

Thank you, Karissa!

I wish your family could have been there! Thank you for following our blog!

It was really nice to talk to you on the phone today! :)