Friday, September 25, 2009

Another September Birthday!

Hello Everyone! Today is Jordan William's 14th Birthday!!!

To give you all a little glimpse into our lives here's what we did...
Yesterday, we ladies went to the Farm Store and bought Jordan some new overalls! Now all our men can match in their farm overalls! Also, since Jordan wasn't there to try the new size of overalls... one of his ever loving sisters tried them for him... and they fit! :D

I really liked how this picture worked out that I took. Don't you?

Yes, the overalls were Carhartt! Our favorite!

Here's Jordan trying them on...

And Judah needed his on too... ("The Bu-Bu way").

Don't they look great together?

Today, we took Jordan to the bookstore to find a special Joshua Bell CD...

-Jordan William-

Then we went to the Health Food Store for dinner!

All of us Siblings eating... Yum!

And then... well we decided to have some good ol' birthday fun well Mommy picked up a few items. How does trying on different hats sound? Yes, it was fun! :)

Bethany, De-De, and Jordan

Our Darling Little De-De!

Happy Yom Kippur! Shiloh and Jordan...

Jordan, Bethany, and De-De

Jordan and Shiloh: Does anyone have a good caption for this picture??


Jordan a budding salesman...

And then we went home... I love De-De's hair in this picture and after I took it I noticed Jordan is the background... Yes, he does have a rather goofy side. :)

Happy 14th Birthday Jordan
Daddy, Mommy, Shiloh, Bethany, Eden, & Judah

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