Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Wilson Family is Here!

A while back we were blessed with a wonderful visit and fellowshipping time with the Wilson Family! Below are some picture collages we took when they were here. Thank you for coming Wilson Family!! We hope you will visit again soon!

Enjoy the Pictures!

Everyone enjoys a quickly put together meal! What a blessing! :)

Meal time outside and below Tirzah and Judah playing the all time favorite game of "Viking"...

Also, here is a short movie of Tirzah playing with Judah:

Later after dinner we took a walk down to the Creek.

We all enjoyed gazing at the LORD's beautiful creation, some of the boys delighted in a furious "splashing water battle", and Jordan caught a baby crawdad for us! :)

Here are some pictures of the younger Wilson children, the Camera Man, and Our Boy...

More walking and talking....

and more walking...

and (once again) more walking... :) and finally arriving Home Sweet Home!

And then it was time to say goodbye.

Mrs. Wilson taught us what a "candid" photo was. Before we heard about candid photos we called them "action shots". Now candid is one of our favorite words to use when we take pictures. :)

Below is one of our favorite pictures of the day and yes! It was candid! No posing! :)

Thank you for coming over Wilson Family! Too bad we didn't get pictures of the "Capture the Flag" game.... We hope you come again!

~Shiloh for

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