Saturday, September 19, 2009

Celebrating Rosh Hashana!

Last night life was pretty close to normal (but of course "normal" in our house is "abnormal"...). Suddenly we got a call from the Knifongs, reminding us that it was Rosh Hashana. So we ate up a quick dinner and rushed over to their house for an evening (or rather a nighttime) of Jewish festivities! I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Thank you for having us over at the spur of the moment Knifong family!
Oh... one more thing... I was totally in favour of staying up till 11:59 pm and doing a countdown until the Jewish New Year, but unfortunately everyone wanted their beauty sleep!

I just had to dress up as "Yenta" from "Fiddler On The Roof"!

Shiloh and Judah.

A kind of blurry picture of the campfire!
Here I'm tuning up for some Klezmer fiddle music! Thank you Jamie Lyn for being me "Portable Music Stand"!
Shiloh plays a Jewish piece that Marty Geotz plays.

Jamie Lyn gets her violin and we play together!
Everyone (or the majority) at the campfire.
"Eden... is there some sort of explanation behind this picture?"
Ahhh! How cute (or crazy)!

Shiloh takes a turn on my violin, while I do the double task of accompanying and talking to Jamie Lyn.
More of the same:
A nice affect to this picture! Oh... and of course Eden wants me to say she took this picture!
And a little clip of some of the music!

An Evening of Music from Ebenezer Forest Farm on Vimeo.

Just one more thing...
Mommy will be posting soon on the history, significance, etc. etc. etc. of this Holiday. So stay tuned for that!
Also, who's going to volunteer to stay up with me (till 12:00 am) on the next Jewish New Year?
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Green Gardening Girl said...

We really like the photos!
BTW are you all Jewish?

Strang Family said...

No, but the God we serve is!! ;)

Green Gardening Girl said...

Okay! That is our view to!

Kaggy said...

I'll stay up with you Bethany! Yo Ba Sho!

Strang Family said...

Oh thank you Auntie Kaggy! I'm so happy to hear that! I love you!

Yo Ba Sho!