Sunday, September 13, 2009

TBC Picnic & Board Meeting

This year we were very blessed to attend the TBC Family Picnic & Board Meeting on the following day. Here are some pictures we took from our trip!

I (Shiloh) drove most of the way there which was quite an interesting experience learning how to pass cars... :) After we reached the Deschutes River, Daddy took over the wheel and I was able to get some pretty scenery pictures. Here is a lovely green field we passed:

Once we arrived at our destination we all swam in the lovely Deschutes River. Here is a picture of all of us Sisters in our matching Meant to be Modest Swimsuits!

Our Darling, Little De-De takes a dunking. :)

Here is the picnic grounds (once most of the people had left). Mommy is in the background speaking with Mrs. Y. & Mr. V. and Daddy is in the front talking with Mr. Brendan Booher.

Here is my Boy... Always by his Big Sister :)

Daddy and Mommy talking...

Some lovely Deschutes River evening shots!

The water was just perfect for the warm day and we all immensely enjoyed it!

Here is a picture of all of us Siblings! Somewhere I have a picture of us all in Bend 2 years ago... we'll have to post it sometime to see how we all have grown! :)

We simply had to take a picture of the funny "round-abouts" Bend has... They drive us crazy when we go have to go through several of them in a row!

We were all excited to see Mr. Brendan B. again especially since we listen to the Booher Brothers CD "Sliver on the Sage" all the time! Those who often check our blog will remember how much Judah likes Cowboy Joe...

Jordan, Mr. Brendan, Judah, Bethany, Shiloh, & Eden all pose in front of the map of Israel!

Here we Sisters are with Christie R. one of our magazine subscribers. If anyone is interested in our Virtuous Women Magazine leave us a comment and will let you know how you can subscribe!

Eden, Shiloh, Christie, & Bethany

Our Family with Mr. Dave Hunt:

Your prayers would be appreciated for Mr. Hunt's health and strength as he prepares to publish his next book... Daddy read us all the sample copy and we are looking forward to the entire book!

Everybody loves our Boy! :)

Mr. V. & Boy

Mr. Y. & Boy

Mrs. O. & Boy...

Mr. Hunt talking to Daddy:

Wow! Something new and interesting! Judah loved Mr. Hunt's cane. :)

De-De and Boy~

Mommy and Boy~

And since you've already seen so many Sister pictures... :) Here's one of the Brothers...!

Daddy helps Mr. Hunt leave~

Bethany waves good-bye to Mr. Hunt and all...

Below is the TBC banner... Click on the picture to get to the main website.



And now we are finally back on the road home this time with Bethany driving!
Judah was thrilled to see a train on the way.

And of course everyone was excited to stop and see the Kubota tractor on the way home. For those of you who are staunch John Deere lovers just remember that a Kubota is like a survival kit on wheels.... Yes, some in our family love Kubota, but some love John Deere... :) I think ya'll know what I like! :)

Judah and I pose by the BIG tractor!

Our little Farmboy :)

De-De captured this lovely shot of Mommy and Judah crossing the field back to the car.

Green Acres

A Family landmark... LOL!

Following are some lovely Creation pictures. Don't we have an amazing Creator? Let's remember Him in the days of our youth!

Since Bethany was driving De-De and I had charge of the camera.... You can see that when it comes to Nature pictures we don't know when to quit taking pictures! :)

Finally at home...

Mr. Brendan Booher gave our family a couple CDs [Thank you Brendan! :) ] that we didn't have. Along in the bunch was the Ride CD which we've all been looking forward to getting.
On the way home we listened to the CD and once we got home we solved the "Grandpa song"... Mommy said that whoever could solve wouldn't have to do Algebra... Of course no one got out of Algebra (except me and I've already finished it!).
After listening to the song a couple times we decided that it's actually the "World's Hardest Geometry Problem"... It is deductive reasoning, is valid, has self evidence, and a therom, premise, and conclusion (you can tell I've been studying my Geometry LOL). :)

It took a while to figure it all out... and a few of us solved it just like we would a real math problem. :)

We had a lovely time in Bend fellowshipping with other Christians, enjoying the Lord's beautiful creation, and seeing Mr. Hunt again! I think I can answer for everyone that we are all looking forward to next year. Praise the Lord for His blessings!
~Shiloh for

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