Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Speech Qualifier

Hello Everyone!

Here is the last bit of pictures from the 2010 Clarion Speech Qualifier Tournament... My siblings posted some pictures a few days ago and now as you can see it's the Big Sister's turn to post! Don't worry if you missed out on the last post... you may either click the link (above) or view the slide show below this post. So... here goes...


We met the G. Family in Biola Youth Theater years ago when we were so very much younger! We were in the production The Sound of Music together. Someday I am going to have to post some "then and now" pictures! It's amazing to see how God's hand works in our lives! A year after our family moved here, the G. Family moved also and we were re-connected at the OCEANetwork homeschooling convention. Isn't that amazing?

Shiloh, Jessica, & Bethany:

Bethany, Bethany (respectively), & Shiloh

Jordan and Ethan playing some fancy game... =)

We were very blessed to meet the S. Family. Some friends at a different tournament told us about them and then another family did too and we were able to meet them! What a blessing from the LORD!! Here is Kelly and her brother Ezra (who participated in the tournament).
All of us girls talking with Joelle:

This picture was originally titled, "The Two Bethany's", but since we had to figure out something else significant about it with Sable and I in the picture we discovered that it is the "Two S's with the Two Bethany's"--pretty neat -huh?

Sable S., Bethany J., Bethany S., and Shiloh S.

Lastly, here is a slide show of the majority of the picture taken (my little siblings take LOTS of pictures ;) )...

I thought I would end with the Rainmakers' (our speech club) Bible verse:

"... you see a cloud rising in the [North]west and immediately you say, it is about to rain."

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Mother/Grandmother Barb said...

Loved everything about this e-mail. Thank you for sharing the slide show. I got to see more of all of you this way. Even little Judah got in the pictures. Congratulations about your blog. You kids are just amazing and I am so proud of all of you. You have an amazing mom and dad too. What a wonderful Christian family. You give the Lord all you have and always put him first in your life. I am so honored to be called Mother /Grandma Barb. Keep sharing with me whenever you can. I love to hear what you are up to.

Much love,

Mother/Grandmother Barb