Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brahm's "Hungarian Dance No. 1"!!!!

It's here!  The post you've been waiting for!  The post about our piano recital!

Eden, Judah, Shiloh, Me, & Jordan with our wonderful piano teacher, Lindy Ko.

So... if you ever read THIS post... than you'll remember that we said we'd post a movie of how our "Brahms Duet" turned out.  Well, we're here to say that it turned out great and that we have the entire movie as well!

Here it is:
Enjoy, and be sure to look for the "Hungarian Hoot" (as we called it :) ) at the end! :)

And the entire "Ko Studio"!

We were very thankful that our recital went so well.  It was truely blessed by God!

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Oh, and one more thing... in case you're wondering... we do have more musical tricks!  Here's our latest greatest "Gimmick"!



The First Rose said...

I love the video of the fiddle/piano duet! It looks sneakingly suspicious that your inspiration came from something I've seen before :) Ever since seeing the Boohers do their three-person gimmick, we've wanted to create our own. But you beat us to it!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Ha ha! Glad you enjoyed it!
Yes, yes! Do your own!

Thanks for your comment.