Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Visit to Lost Lake!

For Shiloh's 19 Birthday, we went to the breath-taking Lost Lake.  Located somewhere in the dense forests of Mt. Hood, this lake took us quite some time to find.  But after we felt totally lost, (imagine that!) we ended up in the midst of God's beautiful and extraordinary creation! 
But we wanted to make this special day an adventure... so, we rented two rowboats!

After dividing up into groups we soon boarded our crafts.
Our team consisted of Eden, Jordan, and I... while Shiloh, Daddy, Mommy, and Judah to the other boat.

Here they are getting ready to "cast off"!
And they're off! 
Much to the delight of Shiloh! =)
Here Eden and I try to be "back-seat rowers" and Jordan gets the hang of rowing.
Happy Birthday Shiloh!
This little sailor was quite the expert when it came to posing for pictures!
Us by the majestic mountain.
Jordan takes a break while someone gets ready to shout: "Man over board!".
Shiloh takes her chance at the oars.
Meanwhile, Eden has a turn at our oars... while I take a break!
Wow!  With Eden's rowing, it's amazing I didn't fall out!
But Jordan made sure that everyone was just fine!
Shiloh's crew goes through the sparkling water.
My turn.
Well we all had a fabulous time! 

But all too soon, the boats had to be brought back to the dock.
Back on shore, Shiloh meets her long lost friend!
Finishing up the wonderful day with a photo-shoot!
(Click on the picture.)
And afterwards, a dinner at our favorite pizza restaurant!

Happy Birthday Shiloh!
We love you!
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Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork." 

And meanwhile... De De falls asleep!


~Eden (De)~ said...


@ Bethany: I can't believe that you put the picture of me sleeping on there! I was just trying to get a few winks after working SOOOOOOOOOO hard!!!!!!

Love you all!


Kait Palmer said...

Happy birthday Shiloh! And that place looks amazing...its going on our "must see" list!

Oh, and I love that you guys are still rocking the Angels cap! I've got mine too...gotta stay true to the Halos!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you Kait,

It's funny that you found our blog! I remember you from when I was really little. :)


I love you, De-De!! ~S

The Pennington Point said...

That looks like a great birthday celebration! Happy belated birthday. Mrs. P~

Vinecki family said...

Happy Birthday Shiloh.Lost Lake is so beautiful. Was the water cold? It looks like you had a really good time together. sincerely, Olivia

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you so much, Mrs. Pennington!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you, Olivia.

No, the water was not that cold. :) We didn't really actually go swimming either—just put our feet in! :)

And we did have a lovely time together as a family!

In Christ,


Amy Zumstein said...

Nice see you the other night.

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

@ Amy Zumstein: It was nice to see you all too!! :)

Miss Antoinette K. said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shiloh!

Wow, looks like you had so much fun at Lost Lake! it is so lovely!


Miss Antoinette

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you, Antoinette!