Friday, August 6, 2010

The Story of This Little Boy

This is the story of a little boy...

One day he decided that it would be fun to play with the hose that just happened to be on...
It was so fun-- especially when he sprayed the water up into the air!
The water was nice and cold on a hot day...
It was even funner making mud!  (This must be a "boy thing") :)
This boy got very wet and when he saw his sister coming he asked if was ok to spray her camera... and she said...
Yes!  (Well- who wouldn't to such an adorable little guy??)
Then this little boy discovered how fun it was to spray his big sister... :)
All too soon it was time to stop playing with the water...  Oh well!  He'll just wait until the next hot day! :)
I love you, Judah! :)

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