Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Christain Heritage Ladies Tea

A few weekends ago, us girls and Mommy were blessed to attend the 2010 Christian Heritage Ladies Tea!  It was a wonderful day and us girls enjoyed spending time with each other and our dear Mother.

Here are the pictures from our outing!

 We all woke up at a very early 5:00 AM! 
Then our friends, the A. family met up with us, and off we went!

Eden and Ava trying to catch up on some much needed sleep!
Mommy, Mrs. A, and our wonderful friend, "Garmin" (GPS) helped us with the navigation.

But of course the trip wouldn't have been half as fun if we didn't get lost...!  
"Should we go this way???"

"Or that way???"

But thankfully we arrived safely at our destination!  PTL!

The "Tea Room".

Here we are listening to the speakers.

Having tea... and trying to be proper!  
I love every one's expressions!  :)

For an activity, we did a crossword puzzle on "Godly Women in the Bible".
We worked very hard and finished before the allotted time slot!
Shortly after, there was a break...
And we all went to look at the articles that some talented girls had made...
This pretty dress was made by Eden...

And this cute little hat, Shiloh made!

Meanwhile... Eden and I headed off to take some pictures (of course!)...
Waiting for the very slow elevator!
(And Eden did say, "Wow!  This is ancient!  I hope it won't get stuck...!")

This is our favorite!  The lighting is very interesting.

But then I took my camera, and ran up the long staircase... while Eden took her camera and ran down the long staircase...
And there she is way down there... (Click on the picture)

...And there I am, way up there!  (Click on the picture)

Then we got serious (sort of...) and took pictures of:
"We Three Sisters"

Us with our dear Mother!

Then we finished up the tea and visited with our friends.
Eden with one of the speakers.

Talking with our dear friends the S. Family and A. Family.

Us girls were delighted to meet Kami C. of Crooked Streams Photography.
"It was very fun meeting you, Kami!"

But all too soon, we actually had to go home!

Oh, but not without a stop at Starbucks!
We were very thankful fro a safe and easy drive home...
And---YIPPEE!!!!!  We had a wonderful time, too!

So, If you were at this tea, or you've been before, or if you want to go, please comment and tell us!  (Of course you can comment anyway...!) 
We'd love to hear from you!

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Kait Palmer said...

With all of you girls and your mom you can definitely see the family genes! What beautiful ladies, inside and out!

Shelbi said...

Great post! Starbucks is so awesome!! :)

Just wondering, will you guys be at the ision forum Film Festival next month? We will be, and I would love to meet you guys there!