Saturday, October 23, 2010

Recording Session 1

After months of practice, talking on the phone, taking lessons, and getting tons of opinions I finally recorded my first session.  I am pleased and excited to announce, "That's a wrap!"
Here I am recording something. (I can't remember what!)
Note: This is what Michael (my engineer) calls, "The attack of the microphones!"

Here is a video of a section of "Crown Him with Many Crowns", at the end I do a retake; that's why I stop and start again.

Now I move on to post-production.  Mixing, editing, graphic design... and so on!!!

Thank you to all the people who answered my many questions.  From loose strung bass strings, to piano mixes, to copyright lawyers and ASCAP!  I'm very appreciative!

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Kait Palmer said...

Wow! Very impressive! I actually replayed it a few times while I was doing things around the house - love it! Is it going to be solely instrumental?

Makes me wish I had stuck with piano lessons as a kid...although all my teacher did was talk about the benefits of nuts...I think she may have been a little nuts herself...

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hello Kait,

Yes, it is all going to be solo piano—it’s all hymns which Jordan has arranged himself!


Nate Desmond said...

Congratulations, Jordan!

I can't wait to see the finished product!

Shelbi said...

Absolutely beautiful! I wish I had your talent!