Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CH 2011: Part 2

My sister mentioned a few posts ago that I would be posting a part two to her part one of the Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference.  So, without further adieu, here is "CH: Part 2"!! :)


On the way up we followed the sweet D. Family.  That was fun!

If you remember from two years ago, we made some cookies to bring along!  This year we had three different kinds: Oatmeal Cookie Bars (wheat-free), Macaroons (gluten-free), and Coffee Cookies (gluten-free)!

The hotel served an extremely light dinner....  Thankfully, though, they brought out more food when they saw all 14 of us!

I loved this handy organizer in the hotel room closet!  It worked great for organizing all of the younger children's clothing.  Judah is on the top, Benjamin next, and Havilah on the bottom.  I really enjoyed putting together all their clothing and packing it!

The essential sign for a family...  Without the announcement we might never get out on time!  Thankfully, we were quite prompt, but we always remind ourselves that it's "fashionable" to be a little late.  :)

On the last night we had dinner in our hotel room with the D. Family.  One funny thing was that two years ago this was our friends' hotel room and we had dinner with them!  Isn't that funny!? 

I enjoyed holding little Miss Christanna...  isn't she cute?

Havilah all  ready for church on Sunday!  It was her first church service outside the home too!

And everyone: Judah, Benjamin, and Havilah:

On the way home we drove through a scenic route.  I believe this was the Puget Sound or something like that! 

The veiw was lovely!

I will close with this lovely picture:


It was such a blessing to attend this conference and we enjoyed seeing many old friends as while as meeting new ones.


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