Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rehearsal, Rehearsal, Rehearsal!

Jordan's CD Release Concert is just around the corner, and are we getting ready for it!
Jordan has suddenly become a baker (a cookie one at that!) and pianist preparing for a concert.  Let me tell you, we are all excited right now!  As "crunch-time" closes in, we are madly finishing up the last details before Saturday!
It's actually kind of difficult... you see, every time someone makes a batch of cookies, someone (or some others!) have to eat some of them!  But fortunately with all the practicing going on it doesn't leave too much time for cookie sneaking!  Ah yes!  The practicing!
Jordan has arranged some special surprises for his concert... some of these include guest appearances from two of his sisters.  Just yesterday, we all had our final "big" rehearsal with one of our music teachers.

And yes, here are the pictures!  :)


Jordan playing one of his favorite pieces which is called--wait.  I think I'll keep it a secret!  (For the moment, at least!)

Jordan and I working through the "Theme From Schindler's List".

Shiloh has a lovely Irish Air that she will be playing on the harp.

 Jordan somehow finds time to peer through Shiloh's harp strings for a great picture! ;)

Practicing "Czardas"... since Jordan and I always have "too much fun with our music", we'll leave you to guess how this will turn out!

 A much needed beak before going into the...
"Hungarian Rhapsody #2"!  And yes, that's the piece I had you in so much suspense for!

Does all this look good?  If so, be sure to attend Jordan's concert this Saturday!!!
Find out more information here:

See you there!  And yes, there are quite a few more surprises!

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Jordan Strang said...

Great post Bet! I think it's rather strange that during "Crunch-Time", I always hear a lot of "Cookie Crunching"... Just an observation!!!