Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 2010 Clarion Speech Tournament!


Now we are finally back to blogging! Hooray! After a loooong break, and many exciting happenings, we now present pictures from the 2010 Clarion Speech Tournament!!!

Please enjoy!


This year, Shiloh competed in Impromptu, Apologetics, and a Duo with me on Noel Streatfeild's book Ballet Shoes.

I (Bethany), did Impromptu, Apologetics, and Duo.

And Jordan did Impromptu and Apologetics.

I hope you enjoy these pictures! We had a lot of fun!


Here Shiloh and I wait for our Round of Duo.

And the Duo!

Meanwhile Jordan plays the piano while Will K. looks on, and Devin K. sings along! (Oh and Eden wants all of you to thank her for snapping this picture at the right moment!)

Here Shiloh is doing her Impromptu:

And me trying to keep the judges listening as I ramble on about a funny quote! Well, at least I look happy!

Shiloh is getting ready for an impromptu Apologetics card here. She did a fabulous job!

And here's Daddy judging a speech. "Thank you Daddy for doing that!"

And all of the competitors from our family! (Note: if you want to see how long it took to get a good shot, just look in the slide that will be coming soon!!!)

And Eden, languishing on the bed... ahhhh! "Thanks De-De for watching Judah and taking all (okay some...) of the great pictures!"



Over all,
Special Thanks to our parents for making this happen,
Thanks to Eden for helping out,
Thanks to Judah for being such a good boy,
and most importantly...
to Jesus Christ!
It is through HIM alone that we can do this! Let's use our talents for His glory!
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Miss V. D. said...


I like everything you wrote, but for some reason I think there are some better pictures of me doing my Impromptu. ;) Hmmm… remember? I did smile during my rounds! :) LOL! I’ll post those later… =) Great post!

~Your Sister~

Miss J.D. said...

I really like the post and special thanks to me for taking all the nice pictures! :)

Love you!


Miss J.D.

Green Gardening Girl said...

Very funny! What fun y'all had!!

BTW I gave both of your blogs an award for encouragement on Farm Kids in Crocs.


Mikell said...

How fun! That picture of Judah is so cute. I am sorry that I have not commented much; we are so busy that I have not even looked at my own blog for about a week. Horrifying is it not? Great job on the Speech Tournament!