Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Mommy is a Chocolate Lover!

Our Mommy LOVES chocolate...
You would say so too if you saw the signs in our home!
One says: "Seven days without chocolate makes one weak"!
Another says: "Chocolate's the answer... Who cares what the question is"!

Our Daddy says that Mommy is a Chocolate Wife. So, we dubbed Mommy and one of her dear friends "The Chocolate Wives". Recently, another Chocolate Wife (who lives on the other side of the United States) joined the Chocolate Wife group... The group growing!
Is your Mama a Chocolate Wife?

Our Mommy is a Chocolate Lover!

You would agree too if you saw the 25 lbs. of Chocolate Chips she ordered from the Co-op! ;)

Hey! We even got 5 lbs. free--now that's a deal when you've got a
Mommy who loves chocolate that much!


Green Gardening Girl said...

OH YES!!! Our Mom is a chocolate LOVER!!!


Mikell said...

How long is this supposed to last!?

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hello Mikell,

I had to do some mathematics before I gave you an answer! :) I think 25lbs. should last us a little over one month. This batch may last about a month though since I have been baking a lot. :) I have a new truffle recipe (I think I may post on that soon) and my family loves it! Especially Mommy and Daddy!

Thank you for asking! It was fun to figure out how much we go though… Now a year would be… :) Yes, I figured that out too and it’s well over 100 lbs. My Mama is a Chocolate lover!

In Christ,

Shiloh Ariel

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Haha, Jess! Your Mommy should join the group! We've been telling our mother that she should start a site. :)


Shiloh Ariel