Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ergo

I absolutely love baby slings!! When Judah was born Mommy gave me an extra one of hers which I used often and still have for my future siblings and my future babies (if the Lord wills =) )… When Judah was a little older Mommy bought an Ergo Baby Carrier.
One thing that is special with the Ergo is that it has two shoulder straps so the weight of the baby lays on both shoulders… not just one! This is especially helpful for my Mother’s back. The Ergo Baby Carrier also has extra special features like a strapped hood which one can put over the baby when he sleeps. It’s also very easy to take off while the little one is sleeping and very easy to put on.
You can wear the Ergo in the front position, side, or back and it fits babies from newborn to about 40 pounds. It’s very comfortable and easy to move around in. In fact my little brother recently told me that when I get little he’s going to start giving me rides in it!! =) All in all I love the Ergo Baby Carrier!! =)
Riddle Love and our friends the Callis Family of The Home Grown Family are hosting a giveaway of one of these wonderful Ergos! So hop on over HERE so you can enter too!

God Bless You and Happy Baby Wearing!

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This article by Mrs. Allison, originally printed in the Above Rubies Magazine is one of my favorite articles I have ever read on Baby slings and Baby wearing! :)

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