Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dinner Discussions

Today, at the dinner table Judah called over to me and said, "Yie-yo, i-ers go oo the lake of ie-er." Hmmm... I thought maybe was taking to me about the fire station again. Mommy looked over to me and said, "He just said, "Liers go to the lake of fire. How does he know that? Did you tell him?" Judah answered, "Yah! De-De tell me". So, there you have it! Out of the mouth of infants and babes!

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~Shiloh :)

** In the picture above and below Judah is playing football. After seeing Facing the Giants a few times he now is quite a pro at it. Warning: for all those who would like to join in the game with him: if you ever come to our home and decide to play... when it's your turn to kick the ball... you will have to wear the fireman helmet... It's the only thing he has that's close enough to the real thing! =)

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How precious!!! Thanks for sharing!!!