Thursday, June 16, 2011

A First Recital

Troy and Ava A. are both hard working piano students.  Recently we decided that they were both ready for a piano recital!  We decided that the best place to do it was at a rest-home near our house.  That created a relaxed, calm, and pleasant atmosphere that was used to give glory to God!
We actually ended up doing a full program for everyone including piano solos, harp, violin, ensemble, singing, and even a spur of the moment dance!  Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of the dancing!

Enjoy these pictures!


Eden and Havilah getting ready!

The little guys and just too cute!

Ava's pretty hair that her mother did.

Can't get any cuter than Mr. Ben!

Troy, Shiloh's piano student, playing "Light and Blue".

Ava doing a little curtsy before her piece!

My student doing a remarkable job!

Jordan playing with his bandaged up knee... that was from training for the Highland Games!

I played two fiddle pieces also known as reels.  :)

Shiloh playing her harp piece.

Shiloh, Jordan, and I all joined in on an ensemble of a Irish tune.  Jordan wore his special Irish hat! :)

Everyone at the end.

Congratulations to Troy and Ava!  Good job you two!

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Our family: said...

Beautiful! Wish I could have heard it!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Yes, it was great!