Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OCEANetwork Conference 2011

This last weekend we enjoyed the 2011 OCEANetwork Homeschool Convention!
We had a wonderful time.  Well, who wouldn't?!  Conferences are great places to fellowship with old friends, meet new ones, hear great speakers, and to enjoy a very fun weekend.
Of course I will be document this event with the following pictures!  ;)
Empty seats waiting for the conference to start!

Our family settling down for the first session.

Dr. Voddie Bachum was one of the keynote speakers... and let me tell you, he was phenomenal!

Getting ready for the next move to make...

...Which was visiting the Exhibitors Hall!  One of our favorite things to do at a conference.

Shiloh and I were able to help Yvonne Smythe at her booth of handmade soaps.

The next day we enjoyed lunch with the cuties...



...and the Bisceglia Ladies!

Havilah playing outside...

...And after the conference, we enjoyed getting some exercise (or making escalator get the exercise!) with friends!

Afterwards we went to dinner with the Smythe family.  They showed us their family's Newest Addition!

Eden and I take the car for a spin!

Actually, Jordan was the "lucky" one!  :)

Camera wars here we come!!!!!!

And little Judah... catching up on some much needed sleep after such a busy weekend!

If any of you attended this conference, please comment and let us know!  We'd love to hear from you!

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Shiloh said...

I know you don't know this-- but I was there! ;)

~Miss Raquel said...

You know the Smythe family?? :) haha I used to go to church with them!!
Yes, wasn't it a great conference?? I SO enjoyed it!

~Miss Raquel