Thursday, June 30, 2011

Science Lessons 101

I caught a lizard today (yes, I actually went out and caught one-- surprise!!).  This was simply a homeschooling moment that couldn't be wasted whether I dislike lizards or not... 

Anyhow, Havilah, Judah, and Benjamin were delighted to look at this "lovely" little specimen....  And thus began their very first science lesson of the season.

Finally, after looking at the "cute" little guy--it was time to say goodbye and let him go-

Judah had the honors of dumping him out of the bag-

And everyone watched him creep away...

Remarks made by the children~

  • In response to the question of what color he was, Havilah answered, "....Green...."
  • After studying the lizard for a moment, Judah declared, "He's looking at me!"
  • When the lizard seemed somewhat close to Benjamin he responded, "Eeeeeh!!!!"

 Stay tuned for future Science Updates....  Perhaps next time it will be a snake....

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Our family: said...

How fun! There's always something exciting to learn about!
So cute!