Monday, June 6, 2011

Knee Injuries... Not for the Faint of Heart!!!

Yesterday, I began training for the "Kilted Mile Race" of the Scottish Highland Games! I started training... unfortunately, after a half mile, I fell... really fell!!!  So now I am postponing the training... I really can't run right now... as you can probably tell from the picture!
So today, I am starting to feel the pain... a lot of pain!

Oh yes, a big thank you to my mother for scrubbing it out with the toothbrush!



Anonymous said...

...and Thanks to the photographer {ur sister ;)} who dared to take such a picture!

Stay tuned- another one coming soon!

Brad said...

Great, not sure thats what a toothbrush was made for, but hey, it works right.
Hope you are doing ok Jordan.