Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friends Come to Call...

As we get ready to kick-off Summer, what could be better than having our friends, the Bisceglia Family, over for a very fun evening of fellowship, singing, music, oh... and dancing!? :)

Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that we didn't get that many pictures!  However... I'm sure you'll enjoy what we have!

The little ones all ready to go!
Havilah and Benjamin playing with Janna.

Krista giving instructions for Auto harp Level 1!
Kathrina made some delicious chocolate mousse...

...Everyone enjoyed it!
Of course we had to do some dancing!!!
Getting ready to dance, which means talking, talking, talking until someone suggests a dance! ;)
And the girls circle up!
And the evening ended just perfectly because we all finished by singing some hymns together.
It was very fun to have six musicians... but it did kind of overwhelm the singers!

Kathrina and her very fun mandolin!
The harps were the only same instruments!  Very different!

And singing the last song... no, we did not want the evening to end!

"Thanks Bisceglias for coming over for such a great day!"

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Bisceglia Family said...

Thanks for having us....we had a great time. Really, though, you ought to give heads up and let us pose for pictures. :)


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Really?! There just wasn't enough time for that! :)
Actually, we did forget to take a "group shot"!


Bekah said...

I am finally visiting this blog... :D

Shiloh said...

Thanks for visiting, Bekah!