Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bloopers, Secret Agents, and more!

You might be wondering what we all were doing in our "down time" during the tournament. Well we ended up doing this:

Pretended to be secret agents! But what about Eden? She was a great help (thanks Eden!) and ended up being behind the camera the majority of the time! And Judah? He was doing this:

Talking on the phone to Daddy!

And Daddy and Mommy made this all happen! Every one of us is so thankful for them!



Both Shiloh and I did Impromptu so when we were done we (or rather me) had a lot to share about our silly mistakes. So sit back and listen to the bloopers from the tournament!

Someone during a speech: "Now if I went and habitually wrote on the walls... well, I don't do that, but if I did..."
Someone during a speech: "Look, I'm running with my crutch! I can walk!"

Someone during a speech: "God is the only Supernatural human Being... um God isn't a Supernatural human Being, He's the only Supernatural... ... ... Thing!"

But for the greatest "blooper" of all we ended up waking up at 5:45 am after arriving at 1:00 am to our hotel room the night before with this: "Mommy, where are our skirts?" Yes, we actually forgot to bring them! So... ending up at the location looking like the "country-bumpkins" that we are, you can just imagine how we felt! But God provided the perfect skirts. And in all the pictures that you have seen, those are the skirts that God supplied for us! PTL!

So looking ahead to next year this is what we see:
Apologetics, Studying, Script Writing and more! But what we hope to see is you! Come and join us next year!
See you there!
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