Thursday, April 9, 2009

Destined For a Duo!

With pleasure I present to you Tournament Update Part 5!

Annette (Shiloh) and I have had many attempts to produce a great duo. As you will see, we've been practicing for the last nine years! NOTE: (Don't worry any of you "turning-twelve-year-olds-and-wanting-to-do-a-duo", our first endeavours were not that stunning!)

So... sit back and watch us work!


Attempt #1 (year 2000) Duo title: "Cowgirls and Pioneers!"

Attempt #2 (year 2004) Duo title: "Mrs. Santos!"

Attempt #3 (year 2006) Duo title: "The Ugly step-sisters "Prunella" and "Esmeralda" from Cinderella!"

Attempt #4 (year 2009) Duo title: "Treasures of the Snow".

So as you can see this is Strang/Strang over the course of nine years!

WARNING: What will darling De-De do for speech when she's 12?

Thank you so much Shiloh for doing this duo with me. I've enjoyed it so much! I love you!

~Posted by Lucien (a.k.a. Bethany)

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