Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Bunch of Pictures

Hello All-

Due to the fact that we have been involved in goat kidding (more on that later) we are a bit behind. Therefore following are a ton of pictures to basically describe what we have been up to on our farm since we have been absent from the "Blogger World". Enjoy!


Jordan rototillers the new area for our garden this year.

Not to be left behind: Judah is always ready on site.

De-De picks flowers... Spring is in the air! :)

De-De and her science project (the red cup).

Shiloh prepares the props for Passover...

No firstborns will die in this home--He Passed Over!

Once again- the garden area: nearly ready to plant!

Judah with big Bu-Bu: always ready for action!

The week after Resurrection Sunday Mrs. Scott and her son Colin spent the night at our home on the way to the Regional Speech Tournament in Colorado. We were glad you could come over Scotts! Below is a picture of all of us who competed.
Shiloh with her favorite kid: Esther
Judah & Shiloh bottle feed Vashti

More bottle feeding--

We found that our empty Proactiv bottles work with the goat nipples for bottle feeding. In this picture we took the soap's name: Proactiv Solution and changed it to: Goat Solution--The solution to your baby goat bottle feeding trouble!

Here is Esther after being disbudded...

Do you own a house goat?
Announcing: Another Reader in the Family!

And ending this bunch of pictures with everyone's favorite boy...
~Miss Shiloh Strang

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