Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Strang/Strang Duo

Hello All! Here is the 4th Update! This time staring Shiloh and Bethany's Duo which was on Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John. The Duo ended up being a very dramatic one with the story following a little boy falling over a cliff, a sister learning forgiveness, and a neighbor boy learning love for fellow man.

The characters were-
(S=Shiloh & B=Bethany)
Dani: S
Annette: S
Grandmother: B
Father: B
Lucien: B
Marie: S
Monsieur Givet: S
Enjoy the pictures!


Strang/Strang Duo Partners

Just before we went to do Round 1 of the Duo we met Molly who befriend us and came to watch!
Eden's "Creative Shot"... Notice the look on her face... Hmmm....

This is our room... A large audience...

Shiloh patiently waits, Bethany is so excited, & De-De takes pictures....

(Note: De-De took pictures through the window of our Duo Room so we are posting our lines with the pictures.)
Shiloh: "We are Strang/Strang...
Are the Judges ready? Time Keeper ready? Then we will begin!"

Annette: "Can't you look where you're going? You knocked me into this ditch and I can't get out! Look at my copybook! All my exercises are smudged and torn I shall tell the school master it's all your fault LUCIEN MOREL!"

Shiloh: "Treasures of the Snow"/ Bethany: "By: Patricia St. John"

Shiloh: "And now the trouble all starts when Lucien finds little Dani making a snowman one cold evening."

Lucien: "Sneak! Telltale! Coward! Baby coming into school crying like that!"/ Annette: (Smug Smile)

Dani: "Grandmother?! I am going up the mountain to pick flowers for Annette's birthday... I will put them on the breakfast table with all my presents!"/Grandmother: (Sewing)

Dani & Lucien debate on the mountain...

Father: "Hello Mother, Annette. What is the matter Mother?"/ Annette: (Stirring Soup)
Well, we hope you enjoyed the Duo!
~Annette & Lucien

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