Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Soon!

Our last doe, Allegro, kidded three days ago... Unfortunately, she didn't bond very quickly with her babies and would not let them nurse. Mommy, Bethany, & I had to go out four times a day/ night (5 Am, 10 AM, 4 PM, & 10PM) and hold her down so the kids could nurse. After two days she would allow them to nurse only while Bethany & I were there to first catch her and then encourage her on. Thankfully, she has finally, after three days, taken on her mother goat responsibilities and is letting them nurse! PTL! You can only imagine how excited Bethany & I are! We hope to shortly bring you a movie of the birth (after Jordan & Shiloh edit it) and some more adorable baby goat pictures. Also, before we forget... Silver Sage is for sale at Geren's in the "Critter's Corner". So if you ever by chance go by-- take a look at her! :)
Here are the kids-
The black is a buck named Moses & the Multi is a doe named Miriam.

Today was another one of those Sunny Days in Rainy Oregon!
Here is the Strang Family in front of the "California Pizza Kitchen" with the Ashmore Family... (minus the Daddies).
Back Row- L to R: Bethany S., Mrs. A., Natalie A., Shiloh S., Mrs S., Jordan S., & Troy A.
Front Row- L to R: Eden S. & Ava A.
Note: Both pictures were taken with a cell phone so they are quite fuzzy:)
Stay tuned for more on the Goats!
~The Goat Keepers

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Our family: said...

Hi Cindy!

So cute to read about your little goats and kids.

I also love the photos of Judah in the red cowboy hat!

We need to catch up!