Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bring Me Hope Night Walk!

This year our family was so blessed to once again host one of the groups for the 2009 Bring Me Hope Night Walk for the Chinese Orphans!


Here is Judah with his BMH shirt!

In preparation for the walk we taught Judah how to say, "Bring Me Hope"! When he says it, it often sounds more like "Bring Me Home". How cute and yet how true for the Orphans...

Yes, this year we grew! Last year it was just our family, but this year the Knifongs and the Ashmores joined us! Below is everyone listening to the conference call.

Jamie Lyn K., Brie Ella K., & Eden S. look on...

Mommy reads the information about the walk out loud~

Mrs. Ashmore with cute little Natalie:)~

Troy A.~

Mr. Knifong & Ben~

The whole group listening to the call~

Time to walk! We are blessed... Not many people get to walk through the forest!

More walking~

Everyone under 18 :)

Troy A., Jordan S., Eden S., Jamie Lyn K., Bethany S., Shiloh S., Brie Ella K., Ava A., & Hogan K.

Also everyone in strollers:)

Judah S., Natalie A., & Ben K.

The Daddies driving the strollers~

Most of the Ladies~

Jamie Lyn K. & Bethany Rose S.~

Just up ahead: talking & walking~

The Men~

Sweet Natalie A.~

Smiling Ava A.~

All three Mommies & no this picture was not posed! They turned around perfectly as I went to take a picture from behind!:)~

Although we were in the forest we still did get out some publicity.... :) From
neighbors stopping by. More walking~

Jordan S. & Troy A.~Eden S. & Brie Ella K.~

Mrs. Knifong~

Busy walkers & lots of conversations!~

Jamie Lyn K.~

Most of the ladies head back home...~

Following is the Men~

Brie Ella K., Eden S., Jamie Lyn K., & Hogan K.~

The final parade of walkers~

At last we arrive home and there awaits our refreshments!~

Banana Cake by: Mrs. Ashmore~

Apple Cake by: De-De~

Here are a couple movie clips (By: Bethany) of the conference call and such~

#1- The Orphans in China singing a song in English~

#2- The Chinese Orphans singing "If You're Happy & You Know It" in Chinese.~

#3- Finally! They announce our group and everyone cheers! (Note: That loud person remains anonymous, but it is NOT our Mother:))...

#4- The count down before the walk begins.~

We enjoyed hosting the BMH Night Walk again--maybe next year you'll join us as we continue to grow!

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