Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Update From the Barn~

It's the Strang Sisters/ Ebenezer Forest Farm Girls Here! Today, we thought we would give you all an update from the barn! Here is the morning in pictures:

~Bethany: This is me at 7:30 am, hoping that Fiddle will behave herself and get to the milk stand promptly and obediently so that I won't have to chase her. It's still morning and I guess you can say I'm not in the "catching a wild goat" mood.

~Shiloh: Here is Fiddle- full of milk! Yum!
~Bethany: And while we work, Fiddle eats...
~Shiloh: Yes, this is the Ebenezer Forest Farm Girls in our Milk Maid attire... Mommy gave us her old warm vests and they keep us warm while we are cold outside.
~Bethany: Here we are by our "Milk Machine".

~Bethany: And these are all the babies.

~Shiloh: First is our little buckling Moses. We have a post about Moses scheduled to appear on Monday so check back!

~Shiloh: Here is our little doeling Miriam. Bethany and I practically raised her since her Mama Doe wouldn't nurse them... Now they think we have the food!
~Bethany: How cute! The kid is sucking on Shiloh's finger!

~Shiloh: We learned very quickly that baby goats do have very sharp teeth...
~Bethany: Only a saber-toothed goat could do that!
~Shiloh: Ah! our favorite buckling!
~Bethany: And this is me--I just love this little buckling!

Simply. Vashti.

~Shiloh: We hope to post more (soon) about our milking adventures!

~Bethany: So, stay tuned!

Until Later,

{Ebenezer Forest Farm Girls :)}

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