Monday, May 4, 2009

Pianos Galore with Judah and Bethany!

Judah and I have SO much fun together!

Well to start you from the beginning... my siblings and I are getting ready for our piano recital. Jordan and I will be playing a ensemble piece so we needed two pianos to practice on. (Yes, we did try on the same piano but it ended up sounding more like chaos than "The Cuckoo"!) Anyway, our teacher let us borrow an electric piano so we could practice together without any piano problems. And well... you know us... the day after we got that piano we knew every feature it had! (Including the one for the lazy pianist... you know, the one that the piano plays the amazing song and you pretend to play so good that everyone thinks you're playing it?) So after we had thoroughly exhausted ourselves we lowered the stand so Judah could play.

So back to the beginning. Today Judah and I did some ensemble practice together, so with me at the big piano playing "When I Think About the Lord" by James Huey and Judah at the little piano playing the "accompaniment" part, sit back and watch!

(Note: Judah knows how to work this piano too! Be sure to watch him change the sound effects! Also watch his dramatic movements (He can't stay sitting on the bench!).)

Now for Judah's big performance! Here he plays the "Turkish March" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Wow! He sure has talent!

And we sure have a lot of fun together!!! Agreed?


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~Bethany R. Strang

P.S. I have another great video idea spinning around in my head! So you'll just have to wait and see what I will come up with!

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