Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Mania!

As usual we did our famous Mother's Day surprise. This time it turned out wonderful! We ended up making a chocolate tofu pie (can't forget the chocolate here!) and homemade vanilla ice cream. And as usual we ended up having the many hic-ups that come from doing a surprise in our house. If you don't believe me, take a look at the picture below:

I guess this is the only expression that Eden could make after... well... dropping the freshly out of the oven, pie crust!

Whew! No worry! We've recovered ourselves from that "spill"!And here's the chocolate filling!

Ahhhh! Just what our Mother loves! Chocolate!

And now... ready to blend!


Since we were going to surprise our Mother, we did the majority of our ice cream making in the basement. Jordan took some videos of us scooping the ice cream out of the ice cream maker into the jar (and of course... some went into our mouths!)

This first movie is the long run to the hidden corner of our "ice cream shop".

Yes, this video is another mistake! As you will see, we are dripping ice cream on the floor!

When we went down to California our Grandmother showed us her favorite cooking show (Paula Deans cooking). This is Eden and I reenacting it!


Now for the finished product:

Photo Credit To: Shiloh S.


Photo Credit To: Shiloh S.

A close up shot.

And of course... Judah ended up with the minority of his pie on his face!

A messy-face smile!

Here's Judah's present for Mommy!

Here's Mommy opening here presents.

Now, if you are wondering if our ice cream turned out OK... then see the results!

It was delicious!

Photo Credit To: Shiloh S.

A perfect bowl of ice cream! Bonn appetite!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

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Kaggy said...

Hellllooooo, can somebody please post the recipe for that pie. Pleeeeeeze!!!!

Mikell said...

YUM! That looks very good!